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Dr Ho, Shun Yee                                                                             

The Assistant Professor of the Division of Chinese Language & Literature from the Faculty of Education of Hong Kong University

  In 2007-2008, HKTDA organized the Teacher Training Program for the Module of Drama Workshop in the New Secondary School Chinese Language, which was funded by the Curriculum Development Institute. I was invited to serve the consultant and advise on various aspects of the project, such as the content of teaching, teaching objectives, and the assessment scheme. During my service in the project, I was impressed by both the professionalism displayed by the executive committee of HKTDA and their passion in promoting drama education. They have provided training to more than twenty teachers of Chinese Language from seven schools and organized seminars and workshops which significantly enhanced the understanding of the function and capacity of drama in improving students’ language proficiency. 

In fact, HKTDA has been enthusiastic to provide teachers with training and to promote drama activities of various kinds in education. Their Annual Performance is organized to bring the teachers to the stage on which they could experience and understand writing, directing, and acting, which would eventually facilitate the development of the art of drama in schools. HKTDA has also assisted the development of drama as a component in regular curriculum in a significant number of primary and secondary schools. It includes implementing drama courses in junior forms and in Chinese and English Languages in the New senior secondary curriculum. 
In recent years, HKTDA has developed service which brings greater diversity. To integrate art and creativity into classrooms, HKTDA works with HKIED to promote “creative teaching strategies” to a great number of primary and secondary schools. It has also been enthusiastic in promoting education theatre and produced many well received dramas. “Why are you so addicted?”, a production responding to the urge of Shatin district council to fight drug abuse, has been very successful and was invited by Education Bureau , PoleungKuk, and Department of Health to re-run in many districts in Hong Kong. 
For more than a decade it is evidential that HKTDA and its executive committee have exerted great efforts to popularize drama education. It has provided service to hundreds of schools and training to more than a thousand teachers. I sincerely wish HKTDA the best and hope that they could continue to make contributions to the art education in Hong Kong.

Dr Ho, Shun Yee 


Arts for Nourishing People

Ho Kuen Fai
The former principal of Penteconstal Lam Hon Kwong School

  Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association (HKTDA)’s development is a marvel. Our members never satisfy with the ever success annual performances, but contribute ethusastically in promoting drama education. In school year 2007-08, the organization promoted NSS Chinese Drama Curriculum in seven local schools with funding from the Education Bureau (EDB). It promoted NSS English Drama Curriculum in four secondary schools in 2008-09 with another subsidy from EDB. This project was postponed to 2009-10 due to the attack of Swine influenza. At the same time, Mr. Tsin and Ms. Wong, former and current Chairperson of HKTDA, were invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKiEd) to be researchers of “Achievements of Drama Education in Hong Kong Schools” research project during 2006-09.

HKTDA, as a whole, has been very supportive to Mr. Tsin and Ms. Wong during the launch of captioned drama education projects. That was the reason for the significant promotion. The efforts that Mr. Tsin and Ms. Wong made are surely undoubted. They involved themselves in the whole process, from programme design to composing teaching plan and materials, carrying out trial lesson and assessing assignments, even evaluation and modification of teaching plans and materials. They have been shouldered with heavy workload and pressure of education, their attitude is respectful. Happy though, many teachers are willing to cooperate with them, whole-heartedly, in promoting drama education.

HKTDA was granted another funding by EDB, HK$80 thousand will be used for promoting Creative Teaching Methods (drama education is one of the creative methods) in 2010-11. This project will be implemented mainly in primary schools in Shatin District. Mr. Tsin and Ms. Wong are the best leaders of this project, since Mr. Tsin was invited by HKiEd as a Guest Lecturer for Teaching Creative Teaching Methods; while Ms. Wong has been invited to teach “Children creativity and drama production” for University of Macau.

Hence, I salute to all teachers of HKTDA, because their ambitions of nourishing people, their creativity and fond of arts, their willingness and enthusiasm in promoting drama education, have benefited numerous students; nourishing them to be future pillars of the society. I also salute to Mr. Tsin and Ms. Wong, as their efforts for both Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School and HKTDA are so worthy, and it is beneficial to the educating field. Therefore, I believe the job of promoting drama education needs to be inherited.


May I take this opportunity to wish HKTDA a prospectus future, the members becoming more creative and enthusiasm in promoting drama education, so as to nourish more students.

    Advisor Ho Kuen Fai



Calligraphy presented to HKTDA by Mr Ho