Words From Chairperson

Dr. Wong Lai Ping

  Since I joined the Executive Committee in 2001, I have devoted myself to serve the education field through drama education. Later on, I was appointed as Drama Curriculum Director of HKTDA, who is responsible for composing different drama lesson plans for primary schools and secondary schools in ethnics and citizenship education, Chinese Language, English Language, developing multi-intelligences and arts appreciation, etc. Adapted by one school then another, it feels like the Invasion of WWII Allies to Normand, developed many battlefronts for drama education。

It is challenging becoming the chairperson, but I don’t feel alone. Since there is a team of enthusiastic executive committee members and staff. I would also like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Tsin Tak Shun, former chairman of HKTDA. With his leadership over the past 10 years, HKTDA is flourishing - served around 100 schools, shared with more than a thousand of teachers in drama education, and we’ve reached more than ten thousand students. I look forward to further promote and enhance drama education in Hong Kong., with the new Executive Committee.