Annual Performance 2008
Teachers from different schools took various positions on front and backstage in HKTDA’s Annual Performance 2008.Through the production of three  comedies the participants experiencedevery aspect of a drama performance. Here are the details of the performance: 
Date:   17tth July 2008 (Thursday)
Time:   3:00pm    & 7:30pm
Location:     Cultural Activities Hall, Shatin Town Hall
Ticket fee:   HKD 70  (Elder/Full-Time Student HKD 50)

1.Blind in One Eye       Playwright: Ding Xilin   Adapter / Director: Tsin Tak Shun
2.The Greatest Event of One’s Life               Playwright: Hu Shih   Adapter: Tsin Tak Shun Director: Peter Poon
3.Three Dollars          Playwright: Ding Xilin  Adapter: Tsin Tak Shun    Director: Johnny Siu

The repetrtoire

Play 1: Blind in One Eye

A man fell down and was injured. His wife was frightened and wrote their friend Sun Tin a letter, in which she exaggerated her husband’s injury. Sun Tin rushed to visit the husband. The wife then asked her husband to pretend being sick, in order not to disappoint Sun Tin.
Playwright:             Ding Xilin (Modern master of one-act comedy)
Adapter / Director :    Tsin Tak Shun (Drama teacher of Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)
Stage Manager:      Wong Lai Ping (The HKTDA Chairperson)
Cast:                       Walter Wong (True Light Middle School of HK)         The Man 
Woo Chui Ha (Toi Shan Association College) Wife       
Tse Ng Chow (HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Sec Sch)        Sun Tin

Play 2: The Greatest Event of One’s Life

Miss Tin falls in love with Mr. Chan, but her parents interferes them with a number of silly reasons related to the past incidents between the two families. Miss Tin then runs away with Mr. Chan, leaving her parents a note, saying that she has the right to decide her greatest event of her life.
Playwright:             Hu Shih
Adapter:                 Tsin Tak Shun (Drama teacher of Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)
Director:                 Peter Poon (Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College)
Stage Manager :     Chui Fung Yee (China Holiness Church Living Spirit College)
Cast:                       Mr. Tin            by    Chan Wing Yee (S.K.H. Kei Hau Secondary School)
Nancy Tsang (Lutheran School for the Deaf)   Mrs. Tin
Yiu Pui Ling (Baptist Wing Lung Sec Sch)              Tin Ah Mei  
Lee Moon Chi (Precious Blood Sec Sch)          Mother Li       
Wong Chi Ming (CCC Heep Woh College)              Fortune-teller 

Play 3: Three Dollars

Servant Mrs. Li broke a vase of her hostess Mrs. Wu. Mrs. Wu forced the servant to compensate her with three dollars, which is the cost for the vase. Yeung Hung, Mrs. Wu’s neigbour who is a university student, thought that the compensation was unfair. He then quarrelled with Mrs. Wu in anger. During the quarrel, Yeung stumbles another vase of Mrs. Wu accidentally.  With no alternatives, he paid Mrs. Wu three dollars as compensation.
Playwright:             Ding Xilin
Adapter:                 Tsin Tak Shun (Drama teacher of Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)
Director:                 Johnny Shiu (The HKTDA Vice-Chairman)
Stage Manager:    Christina Ng (True Light Middle School of H.K)
Emily Chan                                            Mrs. Wu 
Law Man Kin (The MCHK Wesley College)        Yeung Cheung Hung 
Cheung Sai Yiu (Concordia Lutheran School) Shing Chung  
Lee Moon Chi (Precious Blood Sec Sch)              Mrs. Li  
Johnny Shiu                                           Police