Annual Performance 2010

Teachers from different schools took various positions on front and backstage in HKTDA’s Annual Performance 2010.Through the production of three  comedies the participants experiencedevery aspect of a drama performance. Here are the details of the performance:

Date:   20th July 2010 (Tuesday)

Time:   3:00pm    & 8:00pm
Location:     Cultural Activities Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Ticket fee:      HKD 40


1.Don’t Move      Playwright: Anthony Chan     Director: Cheng Pui Ka

2.Oppression        Playwright: Ding Xilin            Adapter / Director: Tsin Tak Shun
3.Last X’mas Eve        Playwright: Zheng Lian Zu   Director: Johnny Siu


The repertoire

Play 1: Don’t Move (Acknowledgement to Mr. Anthony Chan for the script)



A pregnant woman is home alone. A thief enters the house from window and robs the woman. The thief is an uncool guy who wants to save his self-esteem through robbery. At the same time, the woman’s father arrives to visit her, and simultaneously the woman is to be in childbirth……

Playwright:             Anthony Chan (Famous playwright in Hong Kong)

Director:                 Cheng Pui Ka (Drama teacher of HKTDA)

Stage Manager:      Wong Lai Ping (HKTDA chairperson)

Cast:                       Tsui Fung Yi (CHC Living Spirit College)           Pregnant woman

Law Man WaiMCHK Wesley College)              Thief

Au Wing Guy (Toi shan Association School)             Old man


Play 2: Oppression



A young man rent a flat from a young lady with deposit. However, the lady’s mother opposes this rental. The young man is angry and rejects to move out. At the same time, another young lady comes to rent the flat……

Playwright:             Ding Xilin (Modern master of one-act comedy)

Adapter/Director :       Tsin Tak Shun (Drama teacher of Pentecost Lam Hon Kwong School)

Stage Manager:      Wong Lai Ping (HKTDA chairperson)

Cast:                       Suen Kwan Ying (Shatin Tsung Tsin School)                Landlord

Lance Tsang (Lutheran School for the Deaf)                     Old mum

Yeung Ka Ming (Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Sec Sch)      Male Guest

Leung Hoi Shan (CCY Kei Yuen College)                        Female guest

Tsin Tak Shun (Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong Sch)         Police officer


Play 3: Last X’mas Eve (Acknowledgement to Xe Lian Ju)



Taiwan TV announces urgently that The Mainland by mistake shoots Taiwan with a missile. If people do not leave Taiwan in ten minutes, they will all die. At this time, in a family of four, each member confesses to the others and hopes to be forgiven. Ten minutes will pass soon, facing imminent death, the family……

Playwright:             Zheng Lian Zu (Famous Taiwan Christian playwright of short comedy)

Translator:               Tsin Tak Shun (Drama teacher of Pentecost Lam Hon Kwong School)

Director:                 Johnny Shu (HKTDA Vice-chairman)

Stage Manager :     Wong Lai Ping (HKTDA chairperson)

Cast:                       Lau Seung Wai (HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Sec Sch)  Host

Wong Sau Yi (HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Sec Sch) Hostess

Cheung Bo Man(St Edward’s Catholic Prim Sch)             Daughter

Lai Siao Lung (HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Sec Sch)        Son

Fung Si Man (S.K.H. Tsing Yi Chu Yan Prim Sch)           Pizza Boy


Audition 2010

Casting for Annual Performance 2010

Date:23rd April 2010 (Friday)

Location:Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School, Yue Tin Court, Sha Tin


The casting was conducted by the three directors of this year – Tsin Tak Shun, Johnny Shiu and Cheng Pui Ka, the audition was taken for the three plays.