In order to enhance students’ awareness of daily affairs, the spirit of exploration, and encourage them to use drama language to express themselves,  Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning at HKBU, CultaMap, and HKTDA  coorganize the Hong Kong creative drama festival.

In the activity, teams formed by students perform in the form of short plays different topics under the theme of general studies or liberal studies. We hope that teachers and co-workers could encourage their students to take part in this event and explore their potential of creativity.



Primary, Junior secondary, Senior Secondary、College

Team size       

A maximum of 4

No. of team    

A maximum of 4 teams from each primary and secondary schools; a maximum of 8 from college


general studies or liberal studies. Topics will be announced during preparation time

Time for preparation

15minutes.Each team will prepare in allocated rooms while instructors or teachers remain outside in the auditorium

Time limit of the play

2 minutes for primary schools, 3 for secondary schools, and 4 for college.

Materials available

1 table and 2 seats provided by the organizer. No other materials are allowed.



Three different kinds of awards, Merit, Excellence and Honor, are established. Scholars are invited to establish criterion to evaluate creativity, visual arts, articulation and the usage of drama language. The invited scholars are:

Dr. Ng Tsui San (Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction , HKIED)

Dr. Leung Mei Ping (Assistant Professor , Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU)

Dr. Ho Shun Yi (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, HKU)


Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival 2014