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Government departments and education-related organization

Education Bereau,

Curriculum development council,

Education Bureau, curriculum development institute-arteducation,


Hong Kong School Drama Festival,

Quality Education Fund,

Leisure and Cultural Services Department,

Education Bureau  Teaching Kids on School Based Gifted Education for Teacher Training,


Schools or Colleges with Drama Education


Hong Kong Arts School,


Performers – Group (local)

Hong Kong Arts development Council,

Hong Kong Arts Centre,

International accociation of theatre critics (Hong Kong),

Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies,

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre,

Chung Ying Theatre Company,

Theatre of Silence,

Prospects theatre,

Exploration Theatre,


Chinese Oprea

Chinese Oprea Information Centre,

Mr. Lam Kar Sing's web site,

Cantonese Oprea Advisory Committee & Cantonese Oprea Development Fund,

Kim Sum Cantonese Oprea,


Overseas Chinese Art/Drama education organization and reference

Ministery of Education, Taiwan,

Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations R.O.C.,

Taiwan Education Resource web,

Shanghai Theatre Academy,

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts,