Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival 2012


In order to encourage primary, secondary and tertiary students to explore green living, also, use dramatic language to express views on the environmental protection, this year, the “Hong Kong creative drama Festival 2012 - to reduce waste energy chapter" creative drama Festival will be organized by the ‘Hong Kong Visual Arts Cultural and Educational Association ". " Centre for Holistic Teaching & Learning, HKBU ” and  “Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association" will be co-hosted. The “Environment and Conservation Fund” will be the sponsor.




To enhance students' environmental awareness, this year's Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival use "Reduce waste, saves energy” as the theme. In February 2012, we invited the Environmental Protection and theater arts educators, collar training workshops. Teachers and students who attend the workshop will be given the awarded as "Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival, Training Workshop, Certificate of Attendance”, and given priority to participate in the Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival show in April. Places are limited, and each group is limited to four students of each school.





Date and Time



Primary and Secondary School's teachers

18,Feb.,2012 (Sat)

9:30am-1:00pm; 2:00pm-4:30pm


Lam Woo International Conference Centre

Shaw Campus

Hong Kong Baptist University



Primary Students


Seondary Students, Junior Form


Secondary and Tertiary Students, Senior Form

25,Feb.,2012 (Sat)

9:30am-1:00pm; 2:00pm-4:30pm

Date:           18 and 25, February, 2012
Object:        The education workers and students. Also welcome community who interested in creative drama.
Capacity:    Each school up to two teachers and four students in the same category to participate, first-come-first-served.
Application Deadline: 2,February 2012 (Thursday)


Creative Drama Festival



  The theme of “The Creative Drama Festival 2012 " is environmental protection, “Reduce waste, Saves energy". We gave the related topics to all teams, and look forward to the creative play of them. We hope that the plays they created could publicize the message to the audience, also, can let the students understand and experience the environmental protection.

Main theme     

“Reduce waste, Saves energy"


Primary / Junior of Secondary / Senior of Secondary / Tertiary

The number of participant of each team      

Not more than 4 people

Preparation time

15 minutes. Participants are required to prepear in the room which arranged, mentor or teacher hace to stay in the auditorium.

Maximum performance time

Two minutes of the Primary Group / 3 minutes of Junior Division / 3 ​​minutes of Senior Division/ 4 minutes of college group

Available materials

One table, two chairs, participants are not allowed to bring their own materials

Date: 21,May,2011 (Saturday)
Time: Primary: 9:30 am-12: 00nn
          Junior Form of Secondary school: 1:00 pm-3: 30pm
          Senior Form of Secondary school: 4:00 pm-7: 00pm
Location: YC Cheng Lecture Theatre of the Hong Kong Baptist University, Ho Sin Hang Campus LT3
Object: The education workers and students, also welcome community who interested in creative drama
Capacity: 20 teams
Deadline: 14,Feb.,2012 (Tuesday)

Environmental CreativeArtsSchool Tour

  "Environmental Creative Arts School Tour - waste reduction energy-saving care home" is divided into an integrated arts interactive performances, lectures, "Environmental Action Manual program" and "unsustainable out development?" Four parts of the lectures.

integrated arts, interactive performances, performing arts students easily as an intermediary, including music, drama, dance and other forms of media tour was held, is to imitate the form of educational theater, is sub-repertoire "environmentally friendly village on the 7th, different art elements, so that teachers and students in the form of creative art, a lively and interactive way to explore the "waste reduction energy-saving" issue.

lectures by environmental experts as examples of the Environmental Action Manual "combined with the integrated arts, interactive performances, the students to" waste reduction energy-saving ideas, and guide students to the cases of the table on the Environmental Action Manual Program Manual set ourselves environmental action objectives.

• "Environmental Action Guide Plan to encourage students to reference manual is to explain to their own set of environmental protection goals in life, then the action records within the specified time in the manual, returned to the school in the fourth part of the lecture and environmental experts, the Hong Kong Observatory Mr. CY Lam, share the experience of the green lifestyle.

Seminar "sustainable development" Holistic Teaching and Learning Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, was invited to explain, Mr CY Lam, the earth will be continuous development and daily practice of the difficulties faced by human. Students will be encouraged to bring along their own Environmental Action Manual for in-depth discussions with Mr. CY Lam.

Date: March 2012, 15, 22 and 29, 6-8pm

Location: Hong Kong Baptist University.


Green vision - Creative Essay Competition

To enhance students' awareness of environmental protection, "Creative Drama Festival 2012" first "green vision - creative text space Essay Competition". Through this essay competition, we hope to increase students' concern to reduce waste energy, so that they in a different form of words, including poetry, Lyric Writing new words, micro-fiction, screenplay, etc., and creative expression of the theme.

The essay competition is divided into primary, junior secondary group, the high school group and the Open Group. Each school in each section Contributors number of not more than four. Details of the competition are as follows:


 The competition is divided into primary, junior secondary group, the high school group and the Open Group

Number of teams

Each school in each group of Contributors number of not more than four


 The theme of "energy" to reduce waste, such as water conservation, waste recycling, etc., in order to increase the concern of the public to reduce waste energy

Works in the form

 Form of limitation, such as poetry, Lyric Writing new words, micro-fiction, screenplay, etc.

Words the upper limit

 200 words or less (Primary) (Secondary) less than 500 words, 700 words or less (Open)


 Merit Award, Excellence Award and Honor Award. The winners received a certificate.

Three Distinguished Writers Award, the winners will be awarded 200 yuan seat with a trophy and book coupons.


Awards announced:

To all the winners list will be announced on or before June 30, 2012, published at this website.

Application Deadline: 2,February,2012 (Thursday)